Once upon a time there was a farmer who cared for the local forest, the only resource the family had to get by on. It was hard work with little pay. The forest farming families in the village struggled and suffered.

The farmers worked hard year after year, selling their timber at low prices. They did not have the resources to clean the forests of waste wood, which lead to piles of decomposing decay.During the warm, dry season, the waste wood often caught fire. It burned over large areas and caused a dangerous haze and the remaining wood scrap reduced the available land to for the forest to grow.

Because of the fires, the forest produced less and less, which meant the families had less and less of a tree crop each year. The neighboring city complained that the farmers did not do enough to prevent the increasing number of wildfires. During the fires, the city was cloaked in smoky pollution and many fell sick and even died. The farmers and city elders argued yet they were never able to find a solution.


The city had problems of its own. They did not have a reliable energy source. They had invested in windmills that produced clean energy even though it was unreliable. Most of the time the wind was sufficient, however, when the wind was too hard, they experienced overloads that burned the cables. When the wind was too weak, the city was left dark and cold because there were no other energy sources to heat the houses. The city elders tried to manage the system without success, and they did not know what else to do.

The farmers, villagers, and city dwellers felt hopeless. The forests produced too little to support a comfortable living. The wood waste fires burned on, creating problems for everyone, and the situation in the city continued to deteriorate.


One day, the region was visited by a traveler who had been on the road for a long time. The visitor’s name was AEONIAN (meaning "the unending bliss of heaven"). AEONIAN’s journey had been exceptionally long and soon it would be the time to arrive.

AEONIAN joined the farmers one evening when they sat together to discuss the mounting problems. After listening carefully and considering the situation from all sides, AEONIAN stood up and spoke:

“I believe I have a solution to your problems. What if I buy your waste wood, build a factory close to the forests, and use a technique I have perfected to produce fuel you could burn for reliable and renewable energy? When the wind is not strong enough, my fuel will keep you warm. I will hire you to help take the waste to the factories and produce the fuel, which will create good jobs. The amount of forest waste you have will make far more fuel than you need, so we can also sell the fuel to other cities; solving their heat and energy problems as well.”


The villagers and farmer families agreed this was a good idea. Working side by side with AEONIAN, they allotted land, built the plant, and started to clean and heal their forests. AEONIAN did as promised; the wood waste was turned into renewable base load energy the city could use for all their needs.

The farmers now had the resources and skills to manage their forests, and they increased the yield of their land. The wildfires gradually stopped, and the air became clean and healthy again.The city was warm when it was cold outside, and their renewable power was reliable. With time, second and third factories were added, and they provided many jobs for the villagers and farmers. The factories produced enough renewable fuel to export; allowing the city, villagers, and farmers to prosper.


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